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Transformative Rebrand for Styles by Finn

At Design Execs, we are thrilled to showcase the success story of our collaboration with Styles by Finn, a leading faux loc specialist. Our team embarked on a transformative journey to rebrand Styles by Finn, aiming to elevate their visual identity and position them as a standout brand in the beauty industry.

The rebranding initiative encompassed a meticulous process of understanding Styles by Finn's unique offerings, target audience, and aspirations. From a refreshed logo to a comprehensive visual language, our design experts crafted a cohesive and captivating brand image that truly reflected the essence of Styles by Finn.

Explore how the new visual identity not only revitalized Styles by Finn's image but also contributed to increased brand recognition and customer engagement.

Contact us today discover how Design Execs can bring a fresh perspective to your brand's visual identity.

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