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Creating the Powerhouse Duo Website

Powerhouse Realty Group, a prominent real estate broker, and Powerhouse Residential Services, a haven designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities, approached Design Execs with the unique challenge of creating a cohesive online presence for both entities with a different brand umbrella. The goal was to showcase the distinct services offered by each while making sure the brand identity was different so the audience could tell the brands apart.

For each website, we created a comprehensive solution that tailored to highlight the specific services of Powerhouse Realty Group and Powerhouse Residential Services.

Powerhouse Realty Group:

  • User-Friendly Real Estate Platform: Crafting a user-friendly website for Powerhouse Realty Group that prominently featured property listings, agent profiles, and streamlined navigation for potential clients.

  • Visual Appeal: Incorporating high-quality imagery and a modern design to convey professionalism and trust in the real estate market.

Powerhouse Residential Services:

  • Residential Services: Designing a one page website for Powerhouse Residential Services that emphasized the haven's mission, and services.

  • Accessibility: Ensuring the website adhered to accessibility standards to accommodate individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.


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